Daily Archives: May 14, 2012

Fish Bowl Syndrome

As humans we often capture animals so that we can closely observe their behavior and natural instincts. At times we do not realize that we are hindering them from their natural ways of life. A fish placed in an aquarium probably laughs at the failed imitation of the ocean or pond. At Wayn Radio we push our students to think outside of the “bowl”! Wayn Radio makes their students strive for excellence! Don’t find yourself stuck in a fish bowl.


DEMF 2012

Are you pumped about your summer plans? Did you miss the opportunity to go on a vacation, or are you swamped with summer classes? Well don’t worry because DEMF is right around the corner and yes it is in Detroit!! DEMF is a three day electronic music festival held in the heart of Detroit it is taking place May 26th to May 28th don’t miss out!!