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Tunde Olaniran on Michigan Movement

Member: Tunde Olaniran

Artist Tunde Olaniran spoke with Michigan Movement host Angelina earlier this week. Tunde Olaniran has toured Europe and still manages to be an active part in his community with projects like Raise it up! Youth Arts and Awareness.  His sound can be described as a soulful pop mixture but one great description  he shared was “hyper modern pop” so we will stick to that for now.

Tomorrow Tunde Olaniran will perform at the Trumbellplex for Zombietronix Halloween Party. Doors open at 8pm

Check out Tunde Olaniran’s Music 

This week at WAYN

Busy week over in the studio and it is hard to believe October is coming to an end!

On WAYN’s Gospel Show with host,  Sheree Braswell CEO& Founders of Pinky Promise and The Oath Movement, Pastor and Co-Pastor of the Gathering Oasis, Cornelius and Heather Lindsey called into the studio. Pinky Promise will hold their first conference January 24-27,2013. Visit the Pinky Promise Heart to Heart Conference site for a schedule of events and more information.

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Over on L!ve with Lady Lena, Detroit City Council President, Charles Pugh came into the studio and spoke with host, Darlene White. Lady Lena and Pugh discussed some tips and  information for voting in the November elections. Visit Charles Pugh’s site for more information and tips.

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