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Time to Tune In!

The Winter 2013 schedule is here! Take a look at the schedule and you can see WAYN has expanded and plans to take over your speakers. We have a large variety of shows and love your feedback. Share what shows you are digging and what music you want more of.

Tuning into the station is a bit different but nothing is too difficult for WAYN listeners!  We have some suggestions to make sure you stay tuned in.

1. On your desktop listen to the station through itunes, or winamp. Windows Media Player is a no go as of right now.

2. Download the app xiialive for your phone, download the link from our site and  don’t forget to favorite WAYN Radio!

3.  Come down to the student center basement and listen to the speakers right outside the station!


WAYN Radio’s Fall Semester

Grades are being posted and we can  get back to our normal sleeping schedules. The Fall semester is over so the only thing left to do is catch up on what happened at WAYN Radio. This newsletter has some WAYN facts, who we interviewed and of course some pictures.


Newsletter 2012 , and when you’re done you can tune in, and really enjoy your break


Catz n Dogz Ticket Giveaway

WAYN Radio is giving out tickets today for the Catz n Dogz show over at Sinbad’s tomorrow. Tune into Underground Sounds right now on Call in at 313-577-8948

Check out WAYN’s Summer 2012 Newsletter!

Summer 2012 Newsletter

Waynradio Gave Out Tickets for the Maybach Music Tour!

Today Waynradio gave out tickets to the Maybach Music Tour to a lucky Wayne State student from listening to Wayn’s World with Justin Trenell. The Maybach Music Tour is this Friday April 27th., at the Pontiac Silver Dome the concert starts at 7pm. The Opening acts are Rick Ross, Wale and Meek Mill don’t miss out!!

WaynRadio’s Pledge Drive

We all have dreams and aspirations whether it’s wanting to become an astronant or a famous actress. Dreams may start small but they definitely can grow into something much larger. Help Support WaynRadio in efforts to make WaynRadio’s talents dreams come true. It is easy and quick just click on the link for the details Tweet, Facebook and blog this exact phrase for our pledge drive: #Wayn’sPledgeDrive



JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! WAYN’s Fall 2011 Newsletter has been posted!

***A HUGE THANK YOU!!! to  everyone who donated canned goods for WAYN’s #HelpWAYNFeedTheNeedy all donated items went to The Woodbridge Community Center 🙂

Interested in WAYN Radio?

Welcome to WAYN Radio

WAYN Radio is here to serve our Metropolitan, Detroit community. With original news/talk as well as music programming, WAYN Radio is dedicated in catering to the diverse tastes, and cultures of Wayne State students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities. As an official Student Run College Internet Radio Station, the possibilities are unlimited and creativity can be crafted into the unthinkable. Let WAYN Radio be your voice!

Be sure to listen to our live shows, and WAYN Radio exclusives…

Dj South Paw LIVE! Tuesday’s @ 1:00pm

Dj Bunny LIVE! Tuesday’s @ 2:00pm & Friday’s @ 1:00pm

The Cracked Cranium LIVE! Wednesday mornings @ 9:00am

The Current Catholic LIVE! Wednesday’s @ 4:00pm

The Advacate’s Corner LIVE! Friday mornings @ 10:00pm

Also, don’t forget to check out…

Alchalant Mix Master w/ Alchalant

Back in the Day w/ Ms. Innovative

Stirrin’ Up Something New w/ Big Beans

Late Night Hip Hop and R&B w/ Ross

Chai Jah Metaphysics w/ Chai Jah

Smooth Grooves w/ Marquis

The Underground Sound w/ Gabby Fawaz

Seven Story Fall on Underground Sound w/ Gaddy Fawaz