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Carl Craig at Motor City Wine

Carl Craig at Motor City Wine May 24, 2013

Carl Craig at Motor City Wine May 24, 2013
Photo Credit Matthew Morley

WAYN Radio/ Matthew Morley

Ascending the stairs into Motor City Wine I look to my left and see Detroit-based techno producer Carl Craig setting up his gear. A few of his friends are sitting at the bar, chatting casually, drinking various glasses of wine I can’t even pretend to know anything about. My knowledge of the stuff starts at “white” and ends at “red”. I pour myself a glass of water.

There’s at least a full hour before Craig begins his four-hour long DJ set in this small, intimate venue. Rather than doing a dozen uncomfortable, canned interviews he’s decided to “hold court” with the press, inviting us to his gig early to just hang out, chat and see what conversation comes up.

Not everyone gets the idea right away. There are a few awkward moments when he’s referred to as a legend – “I guess because of my age,” Craig responds – and when somebody mentions his “beautiful home in Florida.” But once the press vibe is lost the conversation loosens up. He and I talk about the crossover between hip-hop and electronic music, Hudson Mohawke, A$AP Rocky, sampling and the difference between cash-grab tracks and labors of love.

“You could kind of feel that direction when people were using Benny Benassi or people like that when they were trying to make these trancey rave records that they could rap on top of… they were seeing a pay-day,” Craig said about the earlier days of EDM and hip-hop crossover. “…with Kanye, after seeing him on Saturday Night Live, he wants to be like Trent Reznor so I think that’s quite interesting, I like that,”

Aside from the obvious fact that we were approaching “Movement Weekend” and the city was officially in pre-party mode, Craig wanted this evening to be an opportunity to talk about his new “Masterpiece” 3 CD box-set coming out June 24th via Ministry of Sound. The first disc includes music Craig has been inspired by. The second features music he’s currently playing. And the third is something he calls “Meditation”.

“Each piece is ten minutes, where you can sit, close your eyes and just kind of meditate, and the music flows very slowly and smoothly, there’s nothing in there that’s supposed to be shocking, because it’s meant to be a meditative thing,” said Craig. “So hopefully it will be a good tool for when you come from the club and your ears hurt and you put it on and you want something that still sounds like the club but it’s not the club. Something that could help you from one high to the next, or come off a high, or whatever the scenario is.”

You could really get a sense for how meticulous Craig is in his work when even in casual conversation he tells you what frequency his tinnitus resonates at. He also has an interesting story regarding how he damaged his hearing in the first place.

“It’s like sex, right?” Craig responds when asked if he does a good job of protecting his hearing. The press panel made up entirely of women (excluding myself) blushes, giggles, sits up straight. One woman who had been taking notes up until that point fumbles through her bag for her audio recorder.

“You’re in the situation, you’re in the heat of the moment, the condom doesn’t go on, ya know? The protection doesn’t go on. And ear plugs, I consider them ear condoms,” Craig said.

The heat of the moment came at 10 p.m. as our chat ended and Craig manned his CDJs and laptop. Guests began to arrive, Motor City Wine reached capacity and a line formed down the block and things stayed that way until the bar closed. Craig spun for four hours straight and didn’t let up. It was a night I won’t soon forget.

Movement 2013: A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red performing at the Movement 2013 Electronic Forest stage.  Photo Credit Matthew Morley

A Tribe Called Red performing at the Movement 2013 Electronic Forest stage.
Photo Credit Matthew Morley

Bear Witness, DeeJay Shub and DeeJay NDN of the group A Tribe Called Red speak with Angelina on WAYN Radio.

A Tribe Called Red will be at the Movement Electronic Music Festival May 27, 2013 at the Electric Forest Stage at 5:00 p.m.!

Are you set for Movement?

Movement 2013

The Movement Electronic Festival is right around the corner…actually it’s tomorrow. Now is the time to take another look at the line up, gather some clothes that agree with Michigan weather (attempt at least) and plan to say goodbye to sleep.

VIP tickets are sold out but here is the rundown for door pricing;

Single Day (General Admission)- $60

3-Day (GA) – $120

Don’t forget to check out the Movement after parties!

WAYN Radio will be in attendance so if you see any of us walking around make sure you come hang.

New Music Festival MO POP will be held at Freedom Hill this August

This August the Freedom Hill Amphitheater will be the festival grounds for the new festival MO POP. MO POP is an all-day event taking place August 17, 2013 that plans to capture Michigan’s sound, history and bring light to the visual arts.

Music acts to hit the stage include Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Old Crow Medicine Show, Manchester Orchestra, Walk Off the Earth and Capital Cities. Some of  Detroit’s own include  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr,  American Authors, The Soil & The Sun and WAYN Radio favorite Jamaican Queens. Other acts include the “MO Vaudeville Revival Sideshow” spotlighting the areas special performers. The festival also plans to have a “MO Artist Village”  along with a Detroit Music Award film exhibit.

Presale tickets are available May 7 – May 9, 2013 so don’t miss out!

More information on the festival can be found at the MO POP site



The blog, Hip in Detroit put on a show this past Saturday that sent us on a nice musical trip. FLASHCLASH, Phantasmagoria, Autumn Wolf and The Hounds Below  played over in Ferndale at The Magic Bag and Hip in Detroit’s Sadie Q was our hostess for the evening.

All the acts seemed to have a great time on stage, they kept us dancing and belting out some lyrics. The night ended with some trippy, seductive, visuals from FLASHCLASH. You missed the show you say?! Well, don’t fret check out the links above and listen to the tunes. We also have some dates below so you can see these bands live.

The Hounds Below-  Saturday, March 9 at The Loving Touch $5 performing with Alexis, Flint Eastwood, and The Sights.

You can also check out some of the acts at SXSW !

WAYN Radio and Warner Music Group Event

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Photography by: Pure Focus Michigan Photography

Last week the student center was filled with talent and WAYN Radio DJ’s ready for new music. Attendees walked away with some knowledge of new local artist and some promotional items thanks to Warner Music Group, and WAYN Radio. Like we promised here are all of the artist featured at the event, and where you can find their music.


Linked up above is the facebook page for Alexis. You can also check out their main site for more music.

Alexis will perform at The Founders Brewing Co. January 26, 2013.

Flint Eastwood

Thank you to Flint Eastwood lead, Jax for coming out to the party! The facebook is linked above and explore more of their music here.

Flint Eastwood will perform tomorrow November 24, 2012 at The Crofoot Complex.


Check out the link for their facebook page and see them perform at UDetroit Cafe December, 1 2012

The Hand in the Ocean

The guys from The Hand in the Ocean made a visit too, and everyone got the chance to listen to their new song.

The Hand in the Ocean will perform this Sunday November 26, 2012 at the Rust Belt Market.

Patrick Davy & the Ghost

Patrick Davy & the Ghost gave us a live performance. Visit their facebook page or their main site here.

Patrick Davy & the Ghost will perform tomorrow November 24, 2012 at the Cadieux Cafe.

The Kissing Club

Well, they aren’t local but the band does have some connections to Wayne State so we had to feature their jams. Visit their main site here, and the facebook is linked above.

Tunde Olaniran

No,  stranger to the Wayne State area the party enjoyed some great dance tunes from Tunde Olaniran. Visit his main site here and check out his music.

Tunde Olaniran will perform atthe Magic Stick November 29, 2012

Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr.was the first artist featured from Warner Music Group that evening. His new album, Blak and Blu was featured at the event and you can  give it a listen here.


Back to the local jams, Passalacqua held it down for Detroit. The hip hop duo’s music was featured and you can hear more on their site here.

Passalacqua just finished up a tour but will announce more shows for December soon.

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

For their next artist Warner Music Group featured Macklemore x Ryan Lewis.  Macklemore is the emcee of the group and writes the lyrics and Ryan Lewis is the producer. Visit their site to listen to some of their music.

Mackmore x Ryan Lewis will perform tomorrow November 24, 2012 at St. Andrews Hall

Lupe Fiasco

Warner Music Group ended the night with Lupe Fiasco. His new album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album PT.1 is currently available. Visit his site, and download the new album.


In between the featured artist, the sounds of emcee and producer Doc Illingsworth came through the speakers.  Visit his site to check out his music.

Thursdays in the D

By Sarah Carson/WAYN Radio

It was a chilly but beautiful night on the Detroit riverfront last Thursday.  Students  gathered for the weekly Thursdays in the D activity: a trip on the Diamond Jack River Tour.  It took a little longer than expected to get started,  from the amount of  students joining  the fun, the shuttles had to make extra rounds.  Once the boat left the dock it was clear that the tour was going to be a good time.

As the boat made its way from the Riverwalk north of the Renaissance Center upstream towards Lake St. Clair, students learned about the industrial history of the area, along with more recent history, like what hotel the Beatles stayed in when they visited Detroit in the ‘60s!  Contemporary landmarks like Kid Rock’s house and the Manoogian Mansion were also pointed out.  The second half of the tour was largely a dance party, with several students forming a conga line and having fun dancing to the radio.  The riverboat offered snacks, soft drinks, and even alcoholic beverages to those over 21, which added to the festivity.

Overall, Thursdays in the D really stepped it up with something new and different this week, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Bringing students to the Riverwalk and on the boat tour was a great way to introduce them to an area of Detroit they may not have explored before. Wayne State University students  Katelin Maylum and Alisha Kennedy both looked forward to the experience. Maylum  hadn’t known there were even riverboat tours offered on the Detroit River before that night.

This week, Thursdays in the D takes students to the Charles H. Wright Museum for Salsa Night!  It’s free with a OneCard, and shuttles will leave from in front of Starbucks and University at 6 pm.

Dally in the Alley

Wayne State students, Detroit residents and lovers of the city celebrated, what we would like to call, the official end to summer with Dally in the Alley. Michigan Movement host, and General Manager at WAYN Radio  Angelina Czarnecki got the chance to talk to some artist, vendors,  and some first time “dalliers” as well as dancing the night away in the alleys of north Cass Corridor.

Dally in the Alley celebrated their 35th year and welcomed many new artist like Detroit rapper SelfSays.  Performing at Dally for the first time, concerts in Paris and his musical style were all topics of discussion.

“The vibes (for Dally performance)  were good, very positive, more and more people starting filling up the space. I was fortunate enough to play the Forest Stage, I guess that’s the big boy stage, and it was good, people got in to it nice response, and people had fun”  shared SelfSays after his performance at Dally in the Alley.

So, we all know that Dally is the place to check out new music and local artist but it is also the hot spot to get some shopping done. Local vendors filled the streets and we got the chance to speak with Steven Bock from the Detroit Bicycle Company. Detroit Bicycle Company vended for the first time this year and appreciated the crowd vibe. Over at Dally they had a great display of bikes,  leaving the crowd to take pictures and admire the style all night.

“Dally is a more independent, young crowd, and a good mix of people” Steven Bock Detroit Bicycle Company .

Another year has past but Dally will return and relive the crazy night in the alley.

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Weekend Plans (July 6-8, 2012)

Some of us are still getting over our Fourth of July festivities, but the party hasn’t stopped yet! So if you feel like leaving the AC and coming out in this weather here are some activities for you.

Vans Warped Tour 2012 (7/6/12)

The Vans Warped Tour is back for another year at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Tickets are still available at the door for $42, and if you bring 3 canned food items, a $5 donation or used cellphones to the Feed Our Children NOW tent you can receive a jump the line pass. Find out what bands are performing and more at  the Vans Warped Tour site.

Concert of Colors (7/7,12-15/12)

The 20th anniversary of the Concert of Colors kicks off this weekend at New Center Park. Doors open at 8 p.m and the event is free! Some of the performers for the night include Meshell Ndegeocello, Sin Hielo, DJ Ismael. Check out the history and more information on the Concert of Colors on their site.

Zumba in the Park (7/7/12)

 Alright everyone it’s time to get fit, and have some fun doing it! Zumba in the Park will be this Saturday at Peck Park (Behind the Detroit Science Center), and will be a reoccurring event. The classes are FREE, and will be at  9:00am – 10:00am, every Saturday morning in July. Also, if you are an early bird you can enjoy Yoga in the Park 8:00 a.m at Peck Park. Go to the Zumba in the Park fan page and check out the event.

Detroit Institute of Arts Family Sundays (7/8/12)

This Sunday Gustafer Yellowgold will be performing at the DIA for Family Sundays. The event will be in the Lecture Hall and will have two performances at 1:00 p.m and 3:00 p.m.

Gustafer Yellowgold’s Show is a multi-media performance of live music, animated illustrations and storytelling, featuring songs and animation by Margan Taylor. Gustafer Yellowgold has unique cross-over appeal for adults and children and has been described as a cross between Yellow Submarine and Dr. Suess.  Read about this event and more on the DIA‘s site.

Detroit River Days

The 6th annual Detroit River Days will come to an end today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about how great it has been! The three-day festival kicked off  Friday, June 22, 2012 ,  with some old favorites and new additions.

River Days presented by the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy was held across the Detroit River Walk,  and welcomed many performers, and carnival rides.  Boys II Men will be one of the performers tonight, so make sure you don’t miss out.  Don’t forget about the Riverwalk Buskers which are a new addition to the festival. These street performers can be found across the Riverwalk doing illusions, musical acts , and much more.

This family friendly festival is an event you don’t want to miss. Experience a great Detroit summer, and stroll the Riverwalk. Check out more information, and activities for the night on the Riverfront website.