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WAYN Radio’s Fall Semester

Grades are being posted and we can  get back to our normal sleeping schedules. The Fall semester is over so the only thing left to do is catch up on what happened at WAYN Radio. This newsletter has some WAYN facts, who we interviewed and of course some pictures.


Newsletter 2012 , and when you’re done you can tune in, and really enjoy your break


Winter 2013 Registration Open

Some of you may have just received your midterm grades , but it’s that time to start looking at classes for next semester. Priority registration for the Winter 2013 semester is now open until December 29,2012. Registration is available Monday through Saturday and the open registration period will begin December 31,2012.

As all of you know classes fill up fast, and if you are looking to graduate soon make sure you sign up for that one section class!

For help with registration, and information on registering dates check out the Wayne/registration information site .

Voter Registration

If you are a frequent listener of then you know the importance of registering to vote. For the Fall semester you can’t go a day listening without hearing a PSA about voting, or an interview.

In September we spoke with  American Civil Liberties Union staff attorney Dan Korobkin and Secretary of State  Mobile Office Manager ,Pierre Batton.  Batton along with the mobile Secretary of State Office, helped register people to vote and shared information about voting regulations.

October 9, 2012 is the last day for voter registration! 

For more information visit and



Rally at McGregor

Today at 3 p.m. Wayne State University faculty, and students  join together and rally at McGregor. Faculty are against the request to make closing programs and departments more simple. Issues of pay cuts, and health coverage cuts are also in a proposed contract. Students will protest these issues as well as tuition increases.

Keep yourself updated on university changes and voice your opinion at rallies and debates held on campus.

Don’t forget to register your myWSUcard

Wayne State University has implemented a new process for receiving financial aid refunds.  You have most likely received the green envelope in the mail from Higher One.  But,  you must remember to register the card even if you do not expect to receive refunds from Wayne State. In order to receive your fall refund by August 22, 2012 students must take action by August 17,2012.

Don’t be the last person to register their card, and honestly the card looks pretty spiffy.  For more information about the process and the refund options available to you check out the Fiscal Operations Office of the Bursar.